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Truespray™ – Agricultural Spraying Hose

Truespray hoses

Prevent Unwanted Herbicide Carryover Damage

Yield loss resulting from herbicide carryover can damage crops and lower yield. Kuri Tec's Truespray hose prevents carryover.

Other spray hoses have microscopic inner liner imperfections, leading to significant herbicide retention, or sequestration, which can unexpectedly leach out, causing costly crop damage and yield loss. However, the smooth, permeation resistant liner of Kuri Tec® Truespray™ hoses have been shown to greatly reduce herbicide residue buildup, ensuring herbicides wind up where you want them, on the field.*

herbicide damaged leaves
Discoloration and cupping of leaves are signs of herbicide damage.
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Pin-pricked cover vents trapped gases to help prevent ballooning.

Highly flushable, permeation resistant inner liner

Dual yarn reinforcement for strength

cutaway of hose